To be considered for this pathway, you must meet all the minimum criteria listed below. You may be able to apply for permanent residence via the Subclass 191 Permanent Residence Visa (Qualified Region) after living in Tasmania for at least three years and earning a minimum taxable income that meets the minimum threshold set by the Department of Home Affairs for at least 3 years (currently set at 53,900 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS). Applications for appointment in Tasmania will be subject to a non-refundable service fee of AUD$220 (including GST). Note: Relationships by marriage, such as sister or brother-in-law, are not acceptable for this category. You (the applicant) must have a direct relationship with the sponsoring family member. The applicant is eligible in this route if they have been working in Tasmania for at least 2 years (where no more than 50% of your total Australian residence has been spent in another Australian state or territory and is currently employed in Tasmania in: o Entrepreneurs are eligible for a subclass 190 appointment, if they have lived in Tasmania for two years and have successfully run their eligible business for two years. o New Industry competency profiles that help potential candidates tailor their Skillselect expression of interest to increase the chances of being invited. The assessment of an application is based solely on the information and supporting documentation provided. If the application is incomplete, does not meet the nomination criteria, or if the documents submitted do not support the applications made in the registration of interests, the application will be rejected. o Invitation only – Candidates can express interest in a Tasmanian application in the Tasmania Gateway Migration if they meet the minimum requirements, and the most competitive can apply for the nomination. Tasmania has received an interim appointment visa from the Australian government for the 2022-23 program year.

o The introduction of a new personal business income requirement of at least 80% of the TSMIT (i.e., $43,120). Applicants must prove that they have had a business established and operated in Tasmania for at least 12 months and that the corporation has a personal taxable income of at least $45815, and demonstrate that they have an understanding of the responsibilities and requirements. Subcontractors are not eligible to be considered in this pathway Multiple appointments are not permitted. Applicants who are supported for subclass 491 Regional Skilled Work (Provisional) State Visa will not be eligible for a new application for a subclass 190 in the future. The 491 subclass visa offers a path to permanent residence through a 191 subclass visa. Previous state applicants who have been supported for a subclass 489 visa must take the path to permanent residence via the 887 subclass visa. To apply to subclass 491 State of Tasmania, the following requirements are as follows: During the online application process, the $220 fee will be requested and after the fee has been processed, you may “SUBMIT” the application. If you started your last studies in Tasmania before 30 June 2021, the registration period is 6 months. Here`s what you need to know. Candidates will only be invited to apply if they are highly competitive. There is no fee to register your interest.

o Clear published priority attribute sets that describe the additional features required to compete. Only candidates who reach the competition threshold will be invited to apply for an appointment. These attributes include: To be considered for this category, you must be invited to apply and meet all of the following criteria: Here are some additional documents you can provide during the online application process. Visit the Ministry of the Interior for more detailed information on these and other relevant requirements. Details on the new requirements and processes, as well as the opening date of registrations of interest, will be published in the coming weeks on the Migration Tasmania website and in future updates. Your registration expires if you do not receive the invitation to apply within 6 months. To be eligible for a nomination invitation, you must complete a new entry in the portal. If you think you meet the eligibility criteria but don`t know how to apply, you can book a consultation with us now! Subcontractors will be considered part of this journey if they have worked in the relevant skills assessment and at least 12 months of activity in Tasmania.

To be considered for this category, you must apply from outside Tasmania and have an IMMEDIATE family member who meets all of the following criteria: The applicant must have completed a program of study at registered colleges/universities in Tasmania and have lived at least one calendar year from the start of the course and the course must be at AQF 5 or more or at least one Cert III for the large groups ANZSCO 3 or 4. T o Other invitations to apply for the appointment of Skillselect if the candidates have the skills required by Tasmanian companies.