of low-income families will have at least one civil law problem per year. Visit our YouTube channel for more legal education. Seniors Care Locator – Enter your postal code to find local offices for legal and senior care organizations. Provides advice on identifying coverage options and applying for health care assistance programs. In addition, the CCSA`s Health Law Program provides legal assistance to file appeals against denied claims and resolve other disputes with private health insurance companies. Health Care HelpLine: Since 2020, demand for our services has exploded, demonstrating the urgent need for civil representation in every city and community in North Carolina. NC Legal Aid`s team of lawyers, paralegals, social workers, staff and volunteers are dedicated, hard-working and resourceful. But they can`t do it alone. They need your support to increase their service and support capacity.

Legal Services Corporation (LSC) – Find legal help for low-income individuals and families. Legal Assistance for Veterans – Find free legal clinics and other resources from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Please let us know if any special service is needed to provide you with legal assistance. To apply for free legal aid from Iowa Legal Aid, call 1-800-532-1275 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., except Thursday afternoons. Check out all of our topics to find the legal problem you need with Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc.

supports low-income and seniors (60 years and older) in Idaho with civil law issues. Our offices cannot assist in criminal cases. To determine if you qualify for assistance, see below. The lawyer information service is often a good place to start, but there may be more appropriate options. Below is a list of legal service providers who can offer free or low-cost legal services: In addition to asking friends and family for the name of a good lawyer or checking the phone book, you can find legal help online. Our attorneys, staff and volunteers handle civil cases free of charge for Minnesota`s most vulnerable people. With expertise and compassion, we work to provide fundamental legal protection so that our clients can achieve safety, autonomy and access to opportunities. In addition to direct legal representation, we work with policy makers and advocate for equal rights and protection of the law.

Armed Forces Legal Assistance – Find nearby military facilities with legal aid offices. National Disability Rights Network – Find legal advice by state for people with disabilities. Pension Entitlement Centre – Get free legal help if you have problems with your pension, profit-sharing or retirement savings. Upsolve – Find free legal help to declare bankruptcy. Keep in mind that Chapter 7 bankruptcy information remains on your credit file for 10 years. This can make it difficult to get loans, buy a home, get life insurance, or get a job. Learn more about bankruptcy and other options for dealing with debt. Choose from the topics below to learn more about your legal rights and obligations. Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc.

provides legal advice to eligible Idahoers in the following areas: domestic violence; Upper; and housing. Click here to learn more. Immigration Legal Services – Search your state for free legal service providers. for persons in immigration procedures. Information about the law or tools to solve simple legal problems. Free legal advice to people with physical, sensory, mental, learning and/or cognitive disabilities on issues related to their disability, such as access to the right to vote, housing, employment, government services and education; and the rejection of assistive technologies. Provide legal assistance to low-income individuals in court cases in Cumberland, York, Sagadahoc, and Androscoggin counties, as well as to individuals incarcerated in Maine`s prison system. A program at the University of Maine School of Law in Portland. Free legal advice. Pine Tree Legal Assistance has several offices throughout the state and operates legal aid programs in select courts. For more information, please contact the administrative office: LawHelp.org – Find free legal aid programs in your community. Here you will find information about your legal rights by topic, e.g.

housing, divorce, family allowances and debt collection. Colorado Farmworkers Project provides advocacy and legal representation to agricultural workers. Free pro bono legal aid – Find free or low-income legal aid. There are several agencies and services in Maine that offer legal assistance to certain people with legal problems under certain conditions. Connecting people in need with the appropriate service requires a balance between legal issues and the organization`s missions, service areas, income policies, funding restrictions, and geographic scope. Individual lawyers (also called lawyers) are experts in various areas of law. Some lawyers specialize in a particular area of law, such as commercial, civil, criminal or juvenile law. You need to determine what type of lawyer is right for your legal situation. Once you`ve found a lawyer, ask them about their experience, areas of expertise, and questions such as “How would you handle my case?” and “What do you charge for your services/what is your fee structure?” Federally funded legal aid firms provide lawyers who are experts in helping low-income people with legal problems.

With a holistic approach, Legal Aid of North Carolina provides free legal aid when people need it most, because everyone deserves a lawyer when their home, health, or livelihood is at stake. Discover a new online tool to help debtors in Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Mesa, Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel CO counties, DuncanBot (search for Avatar, bottom right of this page). Try it no matter where you live in Colorado. Click here to let us know if the bot helped you. Nearly a quarter of North Carolina`s population is struggling to make ends meet. Baker & McKenzie LLP Brian Conaghan Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP Mutual Lawyers Sixteenth Bar of the Judicial District The Eirenikos Foundation Trustmark Foundation Watts Street Baptist Church Colorado Resource Network Legal and community assistance for Colorado seniors in the Pikes Peak and Alamosa areas. (A Colorado Access to Justice and J4All project.) Colorado Legal Services (CLS), a nonprofit, has been helping low-income people, including Colorado seniors, for more than 90 years. Click here and on each button to learn more.

Click here for more information. If you are eligible, you can meet with a CLS lawyer in court or apply online at applyonlinecl.org to see if you qualify for assistance. People who cannot get help from Iowa Legal Aid may be able to find an attorney through the Iowa State Bar Association`s Iowa Find-a-Lawyer website. Don`t let gender discrimination stop you from accessing the home of your choice. If you have questions about housing discrimination based on sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or survivors of domestic violence, contact us at t.co/d1JXM5ruQI or 208-746-7541. t.co/mE1Uiu9dkg Sign up to receive stories and updates from Legal Aid. We love making new connections in the community (and we promise not to overwhelm your inbox)! If you are financially affected by #COVID19, have a child living with you at home, and earn up to $75,000 per year, you may be eligible for emergency assistance of up to $4,000 (depending on your needs). This money can be used to pay rent/mortgage, cover home or car repairs, pay medical or mental health bills, buy groceries, and more! To apply, visit Colorado.gov/PEAK and apply for Colorado Works/TANF by clicking “Request Benefits.” Call Denver Human Services at 720-944-4347 if you have any questions. Interpretation and translation services as well as reasonable accommodation are provided free of charge to qualified candidates. We help all North Carolina residents, especially those living in extreme poverty, access government assistance, health care, housing, and secure jobs.

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We can use: Click here to see which days Iowa Legal Aid is closed. Due to COVID-19 concerns, all Iowa legal aid offices are closed to the public until further notice. Ensure that the equality of justice before the law is a right, not a privilege. Soutenez Legal Aid NC dès aujourd’hui. Angeion Group Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy Duke Corporate Accounts Payable Rust Consulting Wake County Bar Foundation Womble Bond Dickinson Assistance gratuite et à prix réduit en matière d’immigration, de déportation, de citoyenneté et de violence domestique. Don Sylvester und Patricia Gilmour-Sylvester Glaxo Smith Kline Foundation Julia Marshall Little River Charitable Foundation Myles E. Standish RG/2 Claims Administration, LLC Rotary Club Durham Sherry Murphy State Employees Combined Campaign Stephanie Simon Susan und John Gilbert Sie können Hilfe bei der Arapahoe County Bar Association beantragen, indem Sie das Formular hier ausfüllen.