Each room can vary in purpose, from a model at the front desk to a beach meeting place or design group. Others came in, saw the crowd in front of the exhibition tent and came to investigate. In a football match, a huddle is a quick conference before a match. Huddle can also be a dense, disorganized crowd, like a group of people standing under a canopy waiting for the rain to pass. We want to make sure that interactions and gathering spaces, the places where visitors gather, are sufficiently distributed. On pristine terrain beneath the sloping campus, teams gather and plan strategies, while group leaders and referees set up the plays. We stop at the door, gather in a small triangular crowd and give each other a stream of kisses. To guide these energetic people of ink and writing, I will reveal another set of details. They huddled together until another shock threw them at each other. He is the king of breaking moves, the conception of game winners in the huddle, the appearance of the Ave Maria as certainties and the use of his imagination to compensate for the shortcomings of his team. The participants, huddled on the sofas of a common room, squeezed their faces in shock and some burst into tears.

Lantz recommends a “short, gentle gathering” between employees and their direct reports every morning, ensuring not only that work priorities are communicated, but also that employees feel part of a community. But the tired, poor, crowded masses who longed to breathe freely did not always find what they expected in America. People huddled together and looked each other in the face in horror, and no man said a word. The rebels then turned their weapons against the family, which was huddled in the opal. Members of the House Armed Services Committee are scheduled to meet Tuesday for a secret briefing on Iraq. The tornado sirens went off, and then my parents all crammed into our storm shelter in the middle of the house. We snuggled together and the boy took the picture, then handed me the camera. This penguin, known as the Mover, waddles in search of new neighbors in the relative heat of the leeward side of the Huddle. Dozens of family members huddled together at airports in Surabaya and Singapore, eagerly awaiting news of their loved ones.

Probably from or similar to the Middle English hoderen to huddle next to one of the buildings, I met her sitting in a pile of her most prized possessions. At LSU, Matt was a regular at Dance Cam and often attended the pre-game gathering. Elmer Spiker, my hostel host, crouched by the stove and read by the light of a lamp. They pile up next to each other and on top of each other and look like a pile of plump sausages. As a verb, huddle means to gather people or to squat or curl up. The word dates back to the late 16th century when it meant “to hide.” That makes sense. If a burglar enters your home, you can snuggle up in the closet so they leave without hurting you. If your mom comes to see if you`re sleeping, you can crouch under your covers with your flashlight so she doesn`t know you`re still reading. Several councillors met with the President and discussed strategies.

He was on the sandbank before I could see him clearly, and came up to me, where I was huddled in the bushes. Gila Bend had angered him because it wasn`t the city she was called, but a collection of mud huts. The point where we stood – a snuggled, trembling group – looked out at the wider canals leading to the open sea and Finland. When they need tissues from Mary`s office, they stay in this tight crowd as they move. I like to imagine you handing out orders to everyone in Friday Night Lights in the Huddle. The work of this observatory complements the observations of researchers in the field and has allowed Zitterbart`s team to develop mathematical models that accurately predict penguin aggregations. On freezing days, I didn`t have to snuggle outside the office for four minutes to suck my dose. He was the team`s hype man in the huddle after warm-up, a role usually played by veterans, and the loudest player on the sidelines and between games.